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  • Do you want to manage your property efficiently and in real time?
  • Do you want access to important documents from anywhere?
  • Do you want to be informed regarding new legislation?
  • Do you want to have your suppliers and lessees under control?
  • Use the software of professionals. Web application Revisio.

Revisio is a modern web application for on-line management of property and associated documents


Your data is safe. We use highly secure cloud data storage, which we regularly back.up to a geographically separate location.


The module solution makes it suitable for users, who want to manage their sites and documents without the need to invest into software licences, servers and their operation.


The access to the application is ensure virtually from anywhere, through a PC, tablet or a mobile phone, together with unique system of access rights.


The application contains related legislation, including its regular updating and informing users about legislative changes in the form of a newsletter.

Bezpečnost a ochrana dat

Security and protection of data

Your data is safe with us.

Your stored data is secured in a data storage compliant with the parameters of Cyber-security Act No. 181/2014 Coll.

Benefits of Revisio application 


  • Service procurement centralization
  • Easy supplier change
  • Information managed by the property owner
  • Prevention of sanctions and crises
  • Reduction of personnel costs


  • Simple and fast search and export of data
  • Data and documents are available any time
  • Working with documents in electronic format, time and cost savings
  • Select access to data according to work position


  • Protection of the owner or statutory bodies from sanctions
  • Financial savings on fines, prevention of crises


  • Substitutability of users on vacation or sick leave
  • Protection of the company’s know–how
  • Knowledge doesn’t leave with resigning employee

Select a Revisio module

Thank to the modular design of Revisio you can tailor the function for your company.
You pay only for functions you can use!


Registry of technologies, its revision, inspection and checks and its expiration. Electronic archive of associated documents. Includes implemented legislation, updated on monthly bases. Automatic notification regarding approaching deadlines through info email to responsible persons. Generating reports and action plans.


Electronic buildings passportization. Registry of guarantees, claims and insurance events. Registry of structural elements, furnishings, including registry of activities, deadlines, documents, agreements, invoices, protocols etc. Notification of deadlines. On-line links to maps and land registry.


Registry of documentation associated with issues of media suppliers, assessment of energy consumption of building, PENB and documentation for subsidies etc. Registry of gauges and media consumption. Calculation and comparison of energy intensity of buildings, quick data exports, graphic outputs.


Registry of buildings in a property of a company, cities and municipalities, including the registry of associated documentation, especially operational, drawings, construction, technology, insurance, subsidy, energy documentation etc. Fast data search and export.


Registry of fire prevention and OHS documentation, including the registry of personal protective equipment and documentation of HACCP risk assessment. Fast search and export of data.


Registry of suppliers and lessees, contact persons, associated documents, especially agreements, its addenda and appendices. Registry of banking guarantees, addenda and appendices of agreements, milestones, other contractual documentation etc. Registry expiry dates, supplier review. Fast search and export of data.


Registry of requirements on suppliers and status of solutions. Approval of quotations. Variants of workflow settings, including specifications of roles of individual users. Optional registry of requirements on structural or technology sections of a building.


Online communication with the tenants, eventually Property manager with the tenants. Allows especially, publication of obligatory documentation, on-line reported turn-over, questionnaires, HelpDesk etc. Provides the tenants with analytic data for negotiations with lessees.


Registry of vehicles and other means of transport. Registry of scheduled and completed actions on vehicles and documents associated with the operation of vehicles. Registry of fuelling cards. Registry of drivers and associated documents. On-line electronic trip book.

Training, Support, HelpDesk

Our support includes a regular software and legislation updates, HelpDesk and on-line client support.
Initial and continuous user training.

User training

User training

We train Revisio users
in your facilities

Support and HelpDesk

Support and HelpDesk

On-line client support and HelpDesk are provided automatically

We are flexible

We are flexible

We listen to our clients and respond flexibly to your requirements

Pricing for Revisio
property management application

  • Don’t buy software but a service, no installation fees
  • Lump-sum monthly payment
  • Software and legislation updates included
  • On-line support and HelpDesk included
  • Unlimited highly secured data space
  • We don’t limit the number of your users, registered companies and facilities